About the Agile Open Community

The Agile Open Community is your new agile home. The purpose of this server is to connect people to the agile community. It is a place for you, and all agilists, new and experienced, to discuss issues, form connections, find solutions, share knowledge, and discover new paths on your agile journey.

The Agile Open Community is hosted on Discord and is available 24 by 7 by 365. You can participate synchronously, in live breakout discussions, or asynchronously by reading and responding to posts.

The link to the Discord is https://discord.gg/agileopencommunity.

About Discord

Discord is like Slack, but more social. Discord has easy-to-use features like text and voice chat as well as high-quality screen-sharing. These channels are available 24/7 and are accessible from most devices. All of these tools Discord provides makes connection and collaboration easy.

New to Discord?

Start here by reading the beginners guide to Discord

Create Your Discord Account

Step one is going to the Agile Open Community on Discord: https://discord.gg/agileopencommunity.

Then setup your account by entering your email address, creating a unique username and a unique password.

Your date of birth is required as part of Discords terms of service to ensure that users are old enough to meet requirements of the servers that they are on.

Sensitive information including Date of Birth is not shared with the Agile Open Community or with Grow-Lean.

Press the continue button to go to the next step.

Verify Your Email

Complete the captcha, then Discord will send you an email with a verification link.

Open the email from Discord and click the verification link to continue.

Email Verified

Clicking the verification link from the email takes you to this screen which states that you have successfully verified your email.

Click the button to continue to Discord.

Find the Server

When you first enter Discord, this popup will appear.

Click the blue link at the bottom of this window.

Enter Invite Link

Clicking that link opens this window where you can enter your invite link to the Agile Open Community server.

Enter this link in the box: discord.gg/agileopencommunity

Then click Join.

Welcome Screen

Once you click join, you will be brought into the welcoming screen of the Agile Open Community.

On this welcoming screen, you can click any of these options to take you directly to each respective channel:

  • Read the server rules to learn about the code of conduct for the AOC.
  • Assign your server roles to access new channels that are of interest.
  • Go directly to the Agile Open Forum when an event is being held.
  • Find technical support in the support channel.

Server Rules

On the left side of the screen, you will see the list of all available channels in the Agile Open Community. Click on any channel to view its contents.

In the server-rules channel, you can read the rules all members of the Agile Open Community must follow.

Under the server rules is a server invite link that you can copy and send to your friends or colleagues.

Select Your Roles

In the Agile Open Community, you can assign your own roles depending on which channels you would like to see.

  • Click on the #get-roles channel on the left side if you are not already in this channel.
  • If you are an Agile Coach or Scrum Master, click the number 1 located below the image on this post in the #get-roles channel. Clicking 1 will assign the Agile Coach/Scrum Master role to your Discord profile.
  • If you are a Product Owner or Business Analyst, click the number 2 located below the image on this post in the #get-roles channel. Clicking 2 will assign the Product Owner/Business Analyst role to your Discord profile.
  • If you are a Developer or Quality Engineer, click the number 3 located below the image on this post in the #get-roles channel. Clicking 3 will assign the Developer/Quality Engineer role to your Discord profile.
  • If you select one of these roles and would like to remove it from your profile, simply click the corresponding number again to deselect it. This will automatically remove that role from your profile.

You are now an official member of the Agile Open Community!

Open Channels

On the left side of the screen, you will see the list of available channels in the Agile Open Community. These are the default channels available to all members.

At the top, you will see any upcoming events. These are typically upcoming Agile Open Forums. If you click here, you will see all the details about the event and you can also select if you are interested in that event.

Below events, you will see the different channels which are separated into categories.

  • The Server Info category includes basic channels about the server like rules, roles and announcements. You can also get technical support in the #support channel and you can suggest any improvements you would like to see in the Agile Open Community in the #suggestion-box channel.
  • The Agile Topics category includes public text channels available to all Agile Open Community members.
  • The Agile Open Forum (AOF) category contains all channels related to the AOF. This is where you will go when you want to join any Agile Open Forum.