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Consulting, Coaching and Assessment

Services to make agile a practical reality.

Agile transformations are often executed as top down, waterfall projects resulting in superficial adoption. As an alternative, use agile to grow agile. Instead of forcing it, slowly adopt practices and achieve authentic agility that lasts.

Jumpstart Your Agility

Transformation to agile is a multi-year endeavor, use Grow-Lean services to expedite your journey to sustainable success.

Jump Start Your Agility

Jumpstart your agile growth by applying training to create a shared understanding, advisory / consulting services to set the direction and measurements, and coaching to make it work on the ground. We rely heavily on your internal staff so that you can grow your capabilities and minimize dependencies.

We help you increase your ROI, provide true value to your customers, and do so in a sustainable fashion.

To achieve these objectives, your organization will move towards the application of an evidence based approach, with a leader-leader culture, where everyone, at all levels, is accountable for positive results and empowered to deliver those results. Together we will create a lightweight, streamlined, approach that mitigates risk, ensures compliance, and increases collaboration leveraging the creativity of individuals, teams and groups.

Support at All Levels

Grow-Lean assist from enterprise to individual, and everything in between.

  • Enterprise: Select products, projects and teams to focus on, then create an environment ripe for agile growth.
    • Lightweight assessment to establish a baseline
    • Executive consulting to chart next steps and develop
    • Leadership training to grow agile values across the enterprise, from team to executive
    • Business management consulting to develop new processes and implementation strategies
    • Organizational training to create a catharsis for continued change
  • Product: Support a team of teams as they roll-out a product by creating a release train (ART) and assisting with cross-team collaboration.
    • Consulting to identify which individuals and teams form a coherent release train
    • Consulting to create consistency at the boundaries across teams for reporting and planning
    • Consulting to execute release planning events and Scrum of Scrum sessions with excellence
    • Coaching epic owners, product managers and product management to create multi-level backlogs with clean epics, features and stories
  • Team: Process and engineering coaching to increase team's agile capabilities.
    • Coaching team members to execute ceremonies (release planning, sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review and sprint retrospective) with excellence
    • Technical coaching for developers and tester to apply engineering principles including acceptance test driven development, behavior driven development, automated testing, test first, continuous integration, pairing and refactoring
    • Technical coaching for product owners and analysts to apply acceptance test driven development, behavior driven development, personas and story mapping
    • Coaching teams members to work across role and function
    • Coaching team members to grow leadership skills (leader-leader culture)

  • Individual: Work with epic owners, program managers, product managers, Scrum Masters, developers, tester and other team members to help them execute their role within an agile process.

Services You Need

We help you identify your future state, consult with you on how to get there, and coach at all levels.

  • Assess: Identify where you are, and where you want to be. We do this in a lightweight fashion, starting with anonymous surveys to quickly and cost effectively get input from many people. We use this information to focus off-line and in person discussion and observation, so we can find out where you out without breaking our budget.

  • Consult: Set the direction for growth by identifying the target state and how to move towards it.

  • Process Coaching: Assist teams with process and engineering coaching to increase their agile capabilities.

  • Engineering Coaching: Work with developers and testers to achieve technical excellence with acceptance test driven development, behavior driven development, test driven development, pairing, continuous integration, and other agile engineering practices.
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