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You are a CSM® and you have real-world experience applying agile. Take the next step with the Grow-Lean Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) to learn facilitation techniques; powerful questions; to go deep into Kanban, XP and multiple scaling models (SAFe, LeSS, S@S, FAST); to apply root cause analysis; and to improve your ability to grow your team's performance.

Do all of this while improving your career. As an added bonus, if your CSM has expired, taking our session will renew it for another two years.

Find out more about the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster training.

Student Testimonials

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Key Details

Benefit from Deep Agile Experience of Your Trainer

Not all A-CSM Sessions are equal. With many you work on your own, with little classroom interaction. Some sessions lack intellectual depth, with theory instead of practice.

In our 100% live session you gain new techniques to facilitate, teach and mentor, learning with a trainer who started with Agile in 2001 and who still actively builds products.

You will leave ready to practically apply empirical approaches to grow your team and organization horizontally (across role and function) and vertically (scale).

  • You’ll see how tools like the ones used in class can also be used to collaborate and communicate more fluidly with both your teams and your stakeholders.
  • You’ll review basics, like walking a task board, but with a new, enlightened, perspective, so you can return to work with opportunities for improvements.
  • Whatever questions you raise in class will be answered as directly as possible, as we favor practical application over theory.

"We know the impact that a great workshop experience can have so all of our trainers have a minimum of 18 years of agile experience and 15 years of training experience."

The Grow-Lean Training Team

Session Schedule

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM)

Two 8.5-hour sessions - Live Online
Trainer: David Bulkin

USD 1,095
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM (EDT)
USD 895
Live Online / Virtual
valid till 29 Sep
David Bulkin
$75 a month
9:00 AM (EDT)
5:30 PM (EDT)
USD 1,095 USD 895
valid till 29 Sep
Three 5.5-hour sessions - Live Online
Trainer: David Bulkin

USD 1,295
12:00 PM - 5:30 PM (EDT)
USD 895
Live Online / Virtual
valid till 14 Oct
David Bulkin
$75 a month
12:00 PM (EDT)
5:30 PM (EDT)
USD 1,295 USD 895
valid till 14 Oct
Two 8.5-hour sessions - Live Online
Trainer: David Bulkin

USD 1,095
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM (EDT)
USD 895
Live Online / Virtual
valid till 14 Oct
David Bulkin
$75 a month
9:00 AM (EDT)
5:30 PM (EDT)
USD 1,095 USD 895
valid till 14 Oct
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Everything Included

With Grow-Lean, there are no nasty surprises!

Be careful of the company you pick. With Grow-Lean everything is covered including the certification fees and renewal of your CSM license if it has expired. There are no surprise costs when you register or accept your license.

As an added bonuses you get:

  • Practice quizzes.
  • 1-on-1 time with your trainer.
  • Free class retake with 120 days.
  • Discounts off of the Certified Scrum Professional ScrumMaster (CSP-SM).

What You Learn

Advanced material and techniques to grow your career

The topics are covered in an advanced manner. For example, for the Scrum Events we review multiple patterns, allowing you to identify a variation appropriate for your environment. For example, you can do a Daily Scrum column-by-column, right to left instead of person-by-person to focus on getting a small number of items all the way to done.

If you need a refresh on you CSM, talk to us about a discounted package of CSM plus A-CSM, but don't worry if you CSM is expired as it will automatically be renewed.

We start with powerful questions so we can apply them throughout the session. We briefly review the basics, then we go deep into a number of topics, such as practically applying empirical approaches, differences between scaling models like SAFe, LeSS and FAST, how to move beyond proximate cause with root cause analysis, etc.

In all cases, instead of pure theory, we make the topics tangible so you can employ them in your workplace.

Benefits You Earn

Valuable post class benefits including membership, a free class retake, etc.

By taking the session, you earn the chance to become a Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) as long as you meet requirements for work experience (one year as a ScrumMaster) and have a CSM (note your CSM does not need to be active).

The advanced certification will differentiate you, but more importantly, the deep learning will allow you to interview with confidence and apply advanced techniques in the work place.

Go Beyond Scrum

There is more to agile than just Scrum, we help you grow with other frameworks

As an advanced class we go beyond Scrum and cover how to grow with practices from other agile frameworks:

  • XP and DevOps: Engineering practices to continuously integrate and deliver.
  • SAFe®, LeSS® Scrum@Scale®:  FAST®p; Align multiple teams on one endeavor.
  • Kanban: Limit WIP, increase focus and create flow.
  • Lean: Apply the mindset from the mother of agile.
  • Lean Startup®: Apply build-measure-learn loops to improve outcomes.
  • Operational and Plan Driven Approaches: Sometimes agile is not the answer

Don't stop at Scrum. Come to this session and learn how to apply ideas from a variety of frameworks.

What's Different?

Experienced trainer, 100% live session

Grow-Lean: 100% live, interactive, session
Others: Watch videos and work alone

Grow-Lean: Trainer who still builds product

Others: Trainer who talks about building

Grow-Lean: True advanced material

Others: Rudimentary material

Grow-Lean: Trainer with 20+ years in agile

Others: Trainer with 5 or 10 years agile experience

Grow-Lean: Leave with actionable ideas

Others: Leave with vague concepts

Why choose David as a Trainer?

Live Online Workshop with an Agile Expert.

If you want to take a live online A-CSM Workshop you have options, but, one thing you can't get with the others is David Bulkin who:

  • Has been actively applying agile since 2001.
  • Has been building product since 1984.
  • Still participates actively in product development, filling various roles.

Because you will...

  • Experience a blend of exercises, real-world case studies, engaging games, deep problem solving, and more.
  • Oscillate between theory and application to illustrate the gap between what is possible most often done in business environments.

Because you get...

  1. Deep discussion and learning.
  2. A 100% live collaborative session.
  3. Meaningful answers to questions.
  4. Case studies and real-life examples.

Plus, you will laugh! We provide edutainment so that you have energy that drives retention.

Why Choose Grow-Lean?

Longest tenured trainers, smaller classes and higher quality.

  • Small group of elite, experienced, practical agile trainers.
  • The highest quality for a fair price.
  • Caring customer support before and after training.
  • Interactive class experience.
  • Everything is included. No hidden fees!
  • Trainers are actual practitioners. Don't trust talking heads!
  • Unique training material, templates and approaches.
  • Small class size so you get personal attention.

Practice Quizzes?

There is no exam, but the quizzes reinforce learnings

You might remember taking your CSM Exam. Although there is no exam for the A-CSM or CSP-SM you can still get significant benefit from our quizzes as the review the CSM material and go beyond, covering advanced topics.

  • The practice quizzes are active learning that increases retention.
  • They apply what cognitive science calls retrieval practice.
  • Retrieval practice makes learning challenging which helps you remember the material.

If you have time prior to the session use them as a refresher. Or perhaps, during the session you notice some weak spots and review the quizzes post class to fill in the knowledge gaps.

Immersive Classroom Experience

A mix of technologies and interactive approaches.

In our 100% live, instructor led session, you get the benefit of learning with other experienced peers. In addition you get interactive, engaging, exercises.

The interactive exercise cover everything from the history of agile, to basic topics, all the way to advanced topics like scaling and maintaining flow.