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Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner

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Master Scrum@Scale (S@S), the fastest growing agile scaling framework. S@S uniquely combines robust standalone capabilities with practices that enhance other scaling frameworks, offering a versatile approach to agile development.

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Since 2014, Grow-Lean has been a leader in agile training and coaching. We're committed to ethical excellence, ensuring transparent pricing, respectful communication, and customer-focused policies for cancellations and retakes. Trust us for a hassle-free, enriching learning experience.

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Our Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner (RS@SP) course is the top choice for S@S enthusiasts. Delivered online, it's structured as engaging two or three-day sessions, tailored for optimal learning and convenience.

Complete Learning Package

Become a Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner (RS@SP) with our comprehensive package. Enjoy expert guidance from industry-leading scaling expert, Don Patti, the certification exam, a complimentary class retake within 120 days*, and competitive pricing .

*Applicable when classes are conducted by Grow-Lean.

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Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner (RS@SP)

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Student Testimonials

Vetted reviews from class attendees

4.89 - 206 reviews
5.00 - 77 reviews
4.90 - 619 reviews

Don Patti's Testimonials

Don Patti

CST | SAFe Program Consultant (SPC6) | Registered Scrum@Scale Trainer | BSP | PMI-PMP | LSSBB

Donald Patti is a seasoned agile trainer, coach, and consultant, renowned for his robust business acumen and software development expertise. He has successfully implemented agile methodologies across a diverse range of industries, teams, and organizations. As an entrepreneur, Don has founded and grown two businesses and provided c onsultation to numerous well-respected organizations. His deep understanding of lean principles, the foundation of agile, enables him to impart the intrinsic meaning of his teachings.

With a long-standing career in education, including many years as an adjunct professor and agile trainer delivering online training, Don's background in lean, agile, education, and online delivery equips him to convey information in an easily comprehensible manner.

Don devotes much of his time to coaching teams applying agile at scale and providing targeted coaching to clients. His vast real-world experience enriches his classroom instruction, where he delivers practical, reality-based agile training.

Don's service spans government, private sector, and non-profit clients. His extensive client list includes a dozen federal agencies, eleven non-profits, and over 90 private sector entities. Prominent clients include Amazon Web Services, HP, Daimler Benz, JPMorgan Chase, CheckFree, NASA, GSA, DHS, the National Cancer Institute and the Small Business Administration.

Don's strengths lie in his ability to tailor Agile and Lean techniques to the unique needs of each client and situation. His ability to explain this tailoring sets him apart.

Certifications and Education:

Don's significant real-world experience is complemented by a strong educational background and numerous certifications across various areas:

  • Scrum Alliance: Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
  • Scaled Agile Academy: SAFe Program Consultant (SPC5), SAFe Agilist (SA)
  • RH Smith School of Business: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Information Systems and Entrepreneurship
  • Balanced Scorecard Institute: Balanced Scorecard Professional (BSP)
  • Morestream University: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSBB)
  • American Society for Quality: Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB)
  • EXIN: ITIL v3/IT Service Management
  • Project Management Institute: Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Microsoft: Microsoft Certified Professional –Architecture and Requirements Gathering (MCP)
  • IBM: Certified Solutions Expert/WebSphere
  • IBM: Certified Solutions Advisor

Earning Your Certification

Taking the session earns you the chance to take the certifying exam and become a Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner.

Pass Guarantee
  • After the course you have one month to complete the exam
  • The exam is open book
  • There us no time limit to complete the exam
  • You can leave the exam and save your place to resume later
  • There are 30 questions, multiple-choice and true/false
  • The passing score is 75% which is 23 correct answers
  • You can two exam attempts, then you must contact the trainer
  • If you need assistance we are there to help you study and pass

Key Details

A rich review of Scrum@Scale and how it fits into the ecosystem of multi-team agile

Scale using Scrum

Through the Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner (RS@SP) course, you’ll learn how to scale Scrum, using Scrum@Scale, a lightweight agile framework that helps people, teams and organizations to deliver valuable solutions when faced with complex, challenging problems. We’ll apply Scrum to teams-of-teams and organizations, describing how the Product Owner, Scrum Master, individual Scrum teams, and enterprise leadership interact in a variety of different scaling situations while applying Scrum@Scale.

ScrumMaster and PO Cycles

At the heart of Scrum@Scale are the Product Owner and ScrumMaster cycles, two sets of Scrum practices that define the “what” and the “how” of product development. You’ll learn these two cycles and how to connect them together to effectively deliver high-value, high-quality products at scale.

Immersive and Practical

  • Experience a blend of exercises, real-world case studies, engaging games, short videos and more.
  • Oscillate between concepts and application to illustrate the divide between what is possible with true agile scaling as compared to the mechanistic models being used by many organizations today.
  • Learn how to apply Scrum@Scale concepts with other scaling frameworks like SAFe.
  • Learn from the instructor’s years of experience, as well as learning from often equally experienced fellow students.

Earn the RS@SP Credential

Once you complete the Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner (RS@SP) course, you’ll qualify to take the Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner exam and earn the RS@SP credential from the Agile Education Program. More importantly you will be ready to take your organization to the next level

Want a slow, boring, self-study program?
Probably not. Interact and learn with your peers via exercises and deep discussion in a 100% live workshop.

Six Main Topic Areas.

What You Learn

1. Scrum@Scale Overview

The Scrum@Scale Framework, including its purpose, its definition and when its best used. Describe the importance of a values-driven culture in Scrum@Scale, as well as how to create a values-driven culture and why creating a values-driven culture is often so challenging.

2. Scaling Teams

  • The Scrum Team as the foundational building-block of Scrum@Scale
  • The Scrum of Scrums (SoS), the team-of-teams who self-manage value delivery by multiple Scrum Teams.
  • The Scaled Daily Scrum, the opportunity for multiple Scrum teams to work toward the SoS Sprint goal, to manage, mitigate and eliminate dependencies, and to share insights learned.

3. Scrum Patterns

The patterns of high performing teams, describing how these patterns can be used to scale Scrum. We’ll cover patterns that include the Interrupt Buffer, Swarming, the Happiness Metric, Yesterday’s Weather, Teams

4. Scrum Master Cycle

  • Scrum of Scrums Master (SoSM) role and accountabilities, including how the role scales as the organization scales.
  • Executive Action Team (EAT) in Scrum@Scale, including how this team guides execution, ideal members of the team, and the difference between an EAT and a traditional PMO.
  • Agile Practice, a pattern using in Scrum@Scale that ensures quality Scrum is practiced in the organization.
  • Role of continuous improvement when scaling Scrum.
  • Impediment removal and escalation in a scaled environment.
  • Help to assess the organization’s effectiveness at impediment removal.
  • Coordination across teams, including sharing learning and communication across teams, coordinating the “what” and the “how” via Scrum of Scrums and MetaScrum in Scrum@Scale.
  • Delivery, including different approaches to delivery, the value of automation when delivering, leveraging the SoS for release management, and understanding how delivery cadence varies across organizations.

5. Product Owner Cycle

  • Product Owner Team, a scaled version of the Scrum Product Owner.
  • Executive MetaScrum, a forum for the Product Owner to meet with stakeholders and translate the strategic vision into an actionable backlog.
  • How strategic vision relates to product goals.
  • Measuring progress toward achieving strategic vision and product goals.
  • How prioritization of the backlog affects a company’s bottom line or ability to fulfill the strategic vision.
  • Identify methods of determining business value, including ways to release earlier in the cycle.
  • Release planning as a means of forecasting versus coordinating delivery.

6. Connecting the Cycles

  • The importance of obtaining feedback from multiple sources, including stakeholders, customers and Scrum team members.
  • The purpose of MVP and the pivot as they relate to obtaining feedback.
  • Applying feedback to both product and delivery processes.
  • Identifying the different lenses for measuring progress and give sample success metrics.

Exceptional Training Value

Grow-Lean is a reputable provider.
Trainer Don Patti has 18 years of agile experience.
Our pricing is consumer friendly.

Benefits You Earn

Valuable post class benefits including membership, a free class retake, etc.

By taking the session you earn the chance to become a Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner. Since Scrum@Scale is relatively new, the certification will differentiate you, but more importantly the deep learning will provide you ideas to think through your organizational scaling with a broader perspective.

Live On-Line Training
Be careful of trainings that are largely off-line or which have significant amounts of canned material. Ours is 100% live, 100% interactive!
Certification Exam
Your certification fees are covered, there are no additional, or surprise, charges.
Earn 16 Professional Development Units to help meet your PMI continuing education requirements.
One Free Class Retake
Want to learn more, take the class again! Limited to virtual classes taken within 120 days of the first session.
Alumni Discount
When you take a training of $500 or more your alumni discount increases. One training get 5%, two get 10% off, all the way up to 25% off.

A mix of technologies and interactive approaches

Immersive Classroom Experience

We use Zoom as the core virtual technology (breakout rooms and web sharing) with Miro (an infinite virtual board) to keep the session interactive. You use these technologies in breakout rooms with class peers, learning by doing.

Baseline Present State

There are numerous exercises showing how to access, understand, and baseline, your current situation.

Apply Tools at Work

Apply the mental models, and tools, we review in class, at your work place.


The session include unique simulations that help you learn Scrum@Scale by doing Scrum@Scale.



Fair price, exceptional training, best value.


Concepts are reviewed in a meaningful way by an expert with actual experience.


Take again for free (within 120 days).


Small class size so that your voice is heard.


Review actual case studies for working at scale.


Custom created training material and approach.


Everything you need to be certified is included. No hidden fees!


Top notch support seven days a week.

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