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With the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) you build on the CSPO and grow your ability to establish and communicate an actionable vision, rapidly test hypotheses, work effectively with stakeholders, and manage the backlog using a host of advanced techniques.

Unlike sessions offered by others, our A-CSPO is a true advanced session that is 100% live, completely interactive and slide-free.

The course uses Mural in a unique way that has been a huge hit with students and helps you stay fully engaged from beginning to end. We explore topics through exercises that drive deep discussion and you will learn from the industry’s most experienced CSP-PO Trainers, as well as from other advanced attendees. You leave ready to implement techniques the next day.

Arlen Bankston, was one of the first trainers to ever deliver the CSPO, and also one of the first to deliver the A-CSPO. Utilizing his extensive graphic and instructional design background he creates a uniquely entertaining and practical experience.

Arlen’s lengthy career as a founding executive in one of the earliest agile consultancies and the fact that he has filled multiple roles over his training and coaching career means that you’ll enjoy a consistently fresh and open-minded approach to agility that leans on real experience and anecdotes. Finally, Arlen goes to great lengths to help students share with one another, a benefit unique to these most advanced classes.

David A. Bulkin has over 40 years of experience in product development, spanning from software engineering to product management. He continues to actively build products, usually as a Product Owner. David also gets hands-on, keeping his coding and testing skills sharp. David first used agile methods starting in 2001 when he led development of the new JP Morgan Chase eBanking site.

David’s A-CSPO is reality-based. If you like a trainer that is honest, direct, and tells you what you need to know instead of what you want to hear, you will benefit the most from David’s training. If you are looking for a strictly by-the-book, step-by-step, approach, this is not the training for you.

Student Testimonials

Vetted reviews from class attendees

4.89 - 206 reviews
5.00 - 77 reviews
4.90 - 619 reviews

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) Testimonials

Key Details

A unique A-CSPO course taught by a highly engaging agile product management expert

Live and Interactive

This live online workshop is delivered by trainers Arlen Bankston and David Bulkin. Both with over two decades of agile product management experience.

  • You utilize a variety of custom-built tools and techniques while learning about the mechanisms behind each.
  • You leave ready to use these tools in your own environment.

Engaging and Practical

  • Explore real-world scenarios and case studies
  • Participate in deep simulation and engaging games
  • Hear stories from the instructor’s agile consulting and leadership experience
  • See how tools like the ones used in class can also be used in product development to both create and communicate a vision and the details to get there
  • Leave ready to advance your product development through pragmatic tips and stories from the instructor’s 25 years consulting experience, as well as learning from often equally experienced fellow students.

Deep and Customized

The result is like a private consulting experience, just more fun.

We assesses personal situations and dynamically reorient towards creating practical paths forward for each participant. As such, to get maximum benefit and to receive the certification you should have a minimum of one year’s experience in a product role.

Session Schedule

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO)

Two 8-hour sessions - Live Online
Trainer: Arlen Bankston

USD 1,295
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EDT)
USD 995
Live Online / Virtual
valid till 21 Jun
Arlen Bankston
$83 a month
9:00 AM (EDT)
5:00 PM (EDT)
USD 1,295 USD 995
valid till 21 Jun
Two 8-hour sessions - Live Online
Trainer: Arlen Bankston

USD 1,295
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (EDT)
USD 995
Live Online / Virtual
valid till 29 Jun
Arlen Bankston
$83 a month
10:00 AM (EDT)
6:00 PM (EDT)
USD 1,295 USD 995
valid till 29 Jun
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Arlen Bankston


Arlen Bankston, a pioneering figure in the agile movement, was one of the first to integrate lean systems thinking and user experience practices with agile software development methodologies. His innovative approach has left a lasting impact on the field.

Currently, Arlen is a sought-after coach and trainer, specializing in advanced courses such as the Advanced CSPO, Certified Scrum Professional PO, Certified Scrum Professional - ScrumMaster, Certified Agile Leadership Essentials and Team, as well as custom sessions including the Grow-Lean Remote and Hybrid Work. His expertise extends beyond the realm of software, exploring Lean, Six Sigma, BPM and other process management and systems thinking approaches to provide organizations with a comprehensive perspective.

Arlen's journey in the agile world began with his early involvement in the Scrum Alliance (member number 41) and as one of the first Certified Scrum Trainers . He further expanded his knowledge by becoming a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt during his six-year tenure leading a Lean-Agile practice. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found the consultancy LitheSpeed, which he successfully led for fifteen years before joining Grow-Lean.

Known for his thought leadership and dynamic, entertaining, and practical training style, Arlen has trained and mentored thousands of ScrumMasters, Product Owners, team members and executives. He designed the Agile Leadership Academy to address the leadership and structural challenges that many successful companies still face.

Arlen's client list spans across every industry and includes notable names such as RBC, Monster, Marriott, NBC Universal, CNBC, NGA, Capital One, T. Rowe Price, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the Armed Forces Benefits Association. His book “HR and the Agile Organization” provides valuable insights on how human resources departments can adapt to support organizations striving for adaptability while enhancing employee engagement and retention.

David Bulkin

Scrum Alliance: CST | CSP-SM | CSP-PO | CAL 1 | SAFe | SPC | PMI: PMI-ACP

David Bulkin is a managing director and head of training services at Grow-Lean. He assists teams as a coach / mentor; delivers training, and builds product. He has trained 20,000 students, and impacted thousands via public speaking and coaching. Unlike many trainer/coaches, he continues to build systems.

David delivers training, including the CSM, A-CSM, CSPO and A-CSPO courses; and has trained over 20,000 students with over 10,000 of them being with the Scrum Alliance.

David mentors and coaches teams and individuals.

He does all of this while actively building software, filling various roles at different times, including designing, coding, testing, PO and Scrum Master (think about that, someone who does what they teach).

David's commitment to helping others, combined with his continued work as a team member, positions him to deliver practical perspective that will help you boost your career.

David's thought leadership in 2009 on progressive elaboration for agile requirements influenced what is now known as refinement (entering Scrum in 2011). David has successfully applied agile to manufacturing, marketing, sales, finance, and other areas outside of IT. He was an independent reviewer of the original PMI-ACP body of knowledge that fed the creation of the PMI-ACP Exam and has worked on the exam questions for the Certified Scrum Master Exam. David’s broad background ensures you are getting up-to-date ideas to apply.

David is an industry veteran with 40 years of product development experience. In 2001, David's eBanking Team at JP Morgan Chase implemented agile with Kent Beck, the Father of Extreme Programming (XP), and perhaps also Agile, was the team coach. In addition to eBanking, David was also responsible for Online Account Opening, Insurance and Retirement Services.

David's deep experience, his high energy level, and his continued hands-on work helps David stays practical and level headed. He is able to understand your needs so you benefit from his experience.

What You Learn

Key learning areas in the Advanced-CSPO

Elevating the PO Role
Make the case for a strong PO with an appropriate amount of authority and autonomy
Engaging Stakeholders
Bringing stakeholders with divergent interests and strong personalities together and helping them align
Scaling Teams and the Product Owner Role
Find effective ways to set up, align and synchronize between teams from a product perspective
Moving Beyond Scrum
Applying ideas and techniques from Lean Startup, Kanban and DevOps
Finding Value
Discovering true needs and testing potentially risky assumptions
Aligning with Legacy
Working with legacy systems and waterfall teams
Applying DevOps
Applying CI/CD to get to market frequently and drive learning loops
Dealing with Change
Working efficiently with frequent priority changes by businesses and stakeholders
Roadmapping with Agility
Planning out several years into the future while remaining agile
Measuring and Reporting
Creating transparency into progress with minimal overhead in an engaging fashion
Executing with Excellence
Designing and facilitating more effective Scrum events and activities like planning, reviews and backlog refinement
Using Collaborative Modeling
Increase trust, speed and product quality with collaborative modeling

What You Get

Everything you need to complete the Path to CSP-SM.

Live On-Line Training
Fully live and interactive. Many other classes use canned videos. You can use YouTube for that!
Certification Fees
All fees to get you certified are covered. There are no additional or surprise charges.
A-CSPO Certification
Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) Certification which is good for two years.
CSPO Renewal
All of your other Scrum Alliance certs, including the CPSO are renewed for two years. No need to pay any additional fees to the Scrum Alliance and no need to collect and record SEUs.
One Free Class Retake
Hear perspectives from new classmates. Retake a A-CSPO for free within 120 days as long as we continue to deliver this session.
Two Year Scrum Alliance Membership
You receive a two-year membership with the Scrum Alliance which gives you access to member-only content and discounted access to Scrum Gathering events.
Alumni Discount
Take one training of $500 or more and get 5% off, two get 10% off, three get 15%, all the way up to 25% off.
Get 16 Project Management Institute (PMI) Professional Development Units (PDUs) to help meet your PMI continuing education requirements.

Earning Your Certification

The Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO)

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner Logo

At present there is no examination required to achieve the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) Certification. Taking the session earns your A-CSPO if you meet the requirements outlined below.

  • Attend at least 14 hours of class time.
  • Have a Scrum Alliance® CSPO Certification.
  • Can validate at least 12 months in the role of a Product Owner, or PO Coach over the last five years.

The advanced certification will differentiate you, but more importantly the deep learning will allow you to interview with confidence and apply advanced techniques in the work place.

The A-CSPO also allows you to pursue Certified Scrum Professional Product Owner (CSP-PO) certification, which completes the Path to CSP.

Upgrade and Expand Your Agile Toolbox

Go beyond the basic.

The PO role is challenging and misunderstood. We demystify the process and equip you with the strategies to succeed. We draw from decades of experience and provide innovative problem-solving techniques. You leave with new ideas and practical solutions.

What's most important?
What’s most important: building a new feature, making it better, or keeping your system secure?

This is a trick question. They’re all important, but for different reasons, and require different information to order properly. Making it even more difficult some items fit with, or depend on, others, making prioritization even more difficult. We’ll show you how to balance innovation, iteration and operation work at both a strategic road-map and tactical sprint level, prioritizing each using situationally specific tools.
Unplanned changes in the Sprint?

How do you deal with unplanned mid-Sprint changes?

We’ll practice several techniques from the lean and product management communities for dealing fluidly and systematically with emergency and unplanned work. We’ll also help you prepare for fixed date deliveries, ensure the team has appropriate time to deal with technical debt and process improvements, and show how to avoid both over- and under-committing within the sprint.

Is your Sprint Review a status meeting?

Does your Sprint Review fail as a true product feedback loop and put participants to sleep?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Learn some unique tricks for bringing interactivity, life and practical worth to a session that often functions as little more than a status check to turn it into a session where we align and adjust future plans. You will also learn patterns for running large-scale reviews with many interdependent teams.

Why Choose Grow-Lean?

Longest tenured trainers, smaller classes and higher quality.

  • Small group of elite, experienced, experts.
  • The highest quality for a fair price.
  • Caring customer support before and after training.
  • Interactive class experience.
  • Everything is included. No hidden fees!
  • Trainers are practitioners, not talking heads!
  • Unique exercises, templates and approaches.
  • Small class size so you get personal attention.

Practice Quizzes?

There is no exam, but the quizzes reinforce learnings

There is no exam for your certification, but you can still get significant benefit from our practice quizzes as they help ensure you know the basics so your classroom experience can focus on the big picture.

  • The practice quizzes are active learning that increases retention.
  • They apply what cognitive science calls retrieval practice.
  • Retrieval practice makes learning challenging which helps you remember the material.

If you have time prior to the session use them as a refresher. Or perhaps, during the session you notice some weak spots and review the quizzes post class to fill in the knowledge gaps.

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