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Session Policy

Understand policies in respect to session attendance.

Grow-Lean has established policies around participation and content usage that are designed to protect your privacy, the privacy of other students, as well as the intellectual property rights of Grow-Lean LLC. By registering for the session, or by being a registrant, you agree to the policies below. If you have any questions please contact us.

I will not record, photograph, livestream, distribute copies of, alter, or otherwise capture or reproduce the training, the training material, or images of other attendees, for any reason.

I will have a camera, which can be on a secondary device like a phone, on and facing me for the majority of the training. I may turn it off for a short period, perhaps when I am eating for example.

If my camera is not functioning or my bandwidth becomes too limited to support video, I will inform the trainer and participate actively to ensure I stay engaged in the session.

I authorize Grow-Lean to share my name and email with the certifying body, which, depending on the session, is typically the Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile or IC Agile.

Grow-Lean will communicate with me via email, and I may get lots of similar emails, or even duplicates in an attempt to ensure that everyone gets the information they need. I will not get upset by this.

Grow-Lean will sometimes take pictures or videos during the session and tell attendees in advance. If I do not want to be included in a picture or a video, I will turn my camera off. By keeping my camera on, I acknowledge that my image, or edits thereof, may be used for promotion or other purposes. Grow-Lean will try to ensure that those in a video are presentable and edit out instances where this is not the case.