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Session Policy

Understand policies in respect to session attendance.

Session Policy Summary

Grow-Lean policies around class (session) participation and course material usage are designed to protect your privacy, the privacy of other students, the intellectual property rights of Grow-Lean LLC, and to maximize the learning outcome for all. By registering for the session, or by being a registrant, you agree to the policies below. If you have any questions, please contact us via our Contact Us form at https://www.grow-lean.com/ContactUs.

Camera Use Policy

You agree to have a functioning camera, which may be on a secondary device (like a phone) on, and facing yourself for the majority of the training. You may turn your camera off for short periods when needed (like when eating).

If your camera is not functioning, or your bandwidth becomes too limited to support video, you will inform the trainer and participate actively to ensure you stay engaged in the session.

If there is a specific reason why you cannot be on camera, contact Grow-Lean LLC prior to the event so that we can make an exception.

Picture Taking

Grow-Lean will sometimes take pictures or videos during the session. Attendees will be notified in advance. If you do not want to be included in a picture or a video, you may turn your camera off during those times. By keeping your camera on, you acknowledge that your image, or edits thereof, may be used for promotion or other purposes. Grow-Lean will try to ensure that those in a video are presented in a professional fashion.

You may not take pictures of any students in the session without the express consent of all attendees and understand that doing so may be a criminal offense depending on the locations where attendees are participating from.

Student Accountability for Training Outcomes

You may use the Contact Us form at https://www.grow-lean.com/ContactUs, or inform the trainer, or both if you believe that there is anything in the training that is preventing you from having a high quality learning experience.

You authorize Grow-Lean to share your name and email with the certifying body, which, depending on the session, is typically the Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile or IC Agile.

  • Grow-Lean recommends that you use your personal email address instead of your work email when registering for training.
  • This ensures that you will always have access to your account and certifications while also protecting the privacy of your organization.

Communications via Email and Text

Grow-Lean will communicate with you via email, and you may receive several similar emails, or even duplicates in an attempt to ensure that everyone receives the information they need. You may contact Grow-Lean via the Contact Us Page if this becomes a problem.

Grow-Lean will communicate with you via text messaging, in an attempt to ensure that everyone receives the information they need. You may contact Grow-Lean via the Contact Us Page if this becomes a problem.

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