We appreciate our alumni! Reach out if you need support.

Alumni Discount

Alumni discounts are for those who have attended a Grow-Lean Certified Training in the past.

  • Use an alumni discount if you have attended one of our certification classes.
  • Request Alumni Discount for: Certified Scrum Product Owner
    • Sat 7/15 - Sun 7/16
    • Live Online
    • Regular Price: $995
  • Alumni automatically stacks with early bird discounts.
    • There is no need to request it, just register.
    • On the first registration pager enter your name and email, then click submit
    • They system finds you by email.
    • Your discount is applied.
  • Per the images below you can stack your alumni. If so, provide us some additional information.
    • Enter your school name if you are a student.
    • Enter the branch of the military if you are active duty or a veteran.
    • Enter a description of your unemployment if you are between positions.
    • Enter a note telling us you are a senior, if that applies.
Please enter all fields prior to submitting. You will likely need to scroll down.