SAFe 6.0 Product Owner-Product Manager

Effectively Apply Product Management Techniques in a SAFe Environment

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The SAFe® POPM is a certification for Product Owners and Product Managers who work in a Lean-Agile enterprise using the Scaled Agile Framework®. The certification covers the skills and tools needed to execute on a tactical level to deliver value by identifying customer needs, writing and prioritizing epics, features, and user stories, and collaborating with those that build. The certification does not have any pre-requisites but you should ideally have a taken a Leading SAFe® (SA) or Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course.

You have many options for the SAFe® POPM Course, but few are delivered by reputable companies with deeply experienced trainers. Our session adds unique, custom, training material that is not found in any other class.


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Key Details

A rich review of Scrum@Scale and how it fits into the ecosystem of multi-team agile

Be a Product Leader

Take this course to become a SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager (POPM), positioning you to be part of an enterprise leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). After class get free access to the exam. Pass, and you are a Certified SAFe® Agilist (by Scaled Agile Inc.). The exam is difficult, so take the course with a experienced provider like Grow-Lean, that will prepare you to pass.

Key Areas You Learn

  • How to execute the role of a PO and a PM on a daily basis
  • How to put the customer / users at the center of your design, build, and test process
  • How to prepare for and lead the PI Planning to create an actionable plan
  • How to decompose large backlog items (Epics) to smaller items (Features) and then further break them down into Stories that fit into a Sprint
  • How to collaborate with those that build to forecast work

Immersive and Practical

  • Experience a blend of exercises, real-world case studies, engaging games, short videos and more.
  • Oscillate between concepts and application to illustrate the divide between what is possible with SAFe® done well, as compared to the mechanistic implementations being used by teams today.
  • Learn how to apply concepts product development concepts from Kanban, XP, Scrum@Scale, etc. with SAFe®.
  • Learn from the instructor’s years of experience, as well as learning from fellow students.

Earn the SAFe® POPM Certification

Once you complete the SAFe® PO/PM course, you’ll qualify to take the certifying exam and earn your certification. More importantly you will be ready to take your organization, and your career, to the next level

Get the best value for your training dollar.
Competitive pricing; reputable, full service provider; and experienced trainer.

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SAFe 6.0 Product Owner-Product Manager (POPM)

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Don Patti

CST | SAFe Program Consultant (SPC6) | Registered Scrum@Scale Trainer | BSP | PMI-PMP | LSSBB

Donald Patti is an experienced agile trainer, coach and consultant. He is known for his strong business and software development acumen. Don has implemented agile across a variety of industries, teams and organizations. Don has successfully founded and grown two entrepreneurial businesses during his career and consulted to well-respected organizations. He has deep experience with lean (on which agile is based) so he understand the intrinsic meaning of what he teaches.

The best teachers are also doers - as is the case with Don. An experienced agile coach who has served on over a dozen agile transformations across a variety of industries, teams and organizations, and who continues to do so.

Don’s service to government, private sector and non-profit clients has included a dozen federal agencies, eleven non-profits and more than 90 private sector entities throughout his career. Prominent clients Don has served include Amazon Web Services, HP, Daimler Benz, JPMorgan Chase, CheckFree, NASA, GSA, DHS and the National Cancer Institute.

In the classroom, Don’s fifteen years teaching and training make his agile courses both informative and engaging. Don has been delivering live online training for the entirety of his 15 year teaching career so he is prepared to make your class enjoyable and productive.

Of Don’s last 1,000 agile students, he is averaging above 4.8 out of 5 on his course surveys and earning a net promoter score above 90%.

What You Learn

Maximize value delivered holistically across a large portfolio.

Lean and Agile

  • Apply the values and principles of a Lean-Agile Mindset
  • Apply Lean and Agile principles in concert with SAFe® roles and practices
  • Interpret the basic constructs of SAFe and the steps of the Implementation Road-map

Product Owner / Product Manager Roles

  • Connect SAFe Lean-Agile principles and values to the PO/PM roles
  • Collaborate with Lean Portfolio Management
  • Articulate the Product Owner and Product Manager roles

Program Increment Planning and Value

  • Support PI Planning and the events associated with successful program execution
  • Use transformational product leadership to encourage innovation
  • Execute the Program Increment and drive value delivery through the Continuous Delivery Pipeline


  • Bring customers into the design, build, test process to align with actual need
  • Establish alignment and execution with Strategic Themes and Lean Portfolio Management
  • Coordinate multiple Agile Release Trains and suppliers with a Solution Train

Great PO/PM Training Value

Grow-Lean is a reputable provider, trainer Don Patti has 15+ years of agile experience and has trained thousands, and Grow-Lean pricing is consumer friendly. As a result you get great training value.

Exam Information

The exam itself is considered difficult but attending our session will help you pass.

SAFe 6.0 Product Owner-Product Manager Logo
  • No additional charge to take the exam.
  • Must attend the course prior to taking the exam.
  • Exam is taken off site, from any Internet connected location, but is closed book.
  • You will likely require additional study to prior to taking exam.
  • One free attempt.

  • Exam name: SAFe® 6.0 Agilist Exam
  • Exam format: Multiple choice
  • Exam delivery: Web-based (single-browser), closed book, no outside assistance, timed
  • Exam access: You access the exam in the SAFe Community Platform upon completion of the Leading SAFe® course
  • Exam duration: Once the exam begins, you have 90 minutes (1.5 hours) to complete the exam
  • Number of questions: 45
  • Passing score: 34 out of 45 (76% passing score)
  • Language: English
  • Exam cost: Your first attempt is included as part of your course registration fee if the exam is taken within 30 days of course completion. Each retake attempt costs $50.
  • Retake policy: Second attempt on exam (first retake) can be done immediately after first attempt. Third attempt requires a 10-day wait. Fourth attempt requires a 30-day wait.

Benefits You Earn

Valuable post class benefits including membership, a free class retake, etc.

By taking the session you earn the chance to become a SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager (POPM). Since Scrum@Scale is relatively new, the certification will differentiate you, but more importantly the deep learning will provide you ideas to think through your product development with a broader perspective.

SAFe Community Membership
One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform.
SAFe Agilist Certification
Pass the exam and you are a SAFe Agilist.
Exam Prep Material
Practice material to help you prepare for the exam.
Live On-Line Training
Be careful of trainings that are largely off-line or which have significant amounts of canned material. Ours is 100% live, 100% interactive!
Certification Exam
Your certification fees are covered, there are no additional, or surprise, charges.
Earn 16 Professional Development Units to help meet your PMI continuing education requirements.
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One on One Coaching
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Why Choose This Training?

Because you get the best value for your training dollar with an agile expert.

  • Deep discussion and learning.
  • A 100% live collaborative session.
  • The best value in SAFe 6.0 Product Owner-Product Manager training.
  • Case studies and real-life examples.
  • Everything covered with no hidden cost.
  • Meaningful answers to questions.

Why Choose Grow-Lean?

Longest tenured trainers, smaller classes and higher quality.

  • Small group of elite, experienced, practical agile trainers.
  • The highest quality for a fair price.
  • Caring customer support before and after training.
  • Interactive class experience.
  • Everything is included. No hidden fees!
  • Trainers are actual practitioners. Don't trust talking heads!
  • Unique training material, templates and approaches.
  • Small class size so you get personal attention.