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Group Discount

Out of Pocket / Self-Pay Discounts are for those not reimbursed by any third party

  • Request a Group Discount discount for the event below or for multiple events:
    • Certified ScrumMaster
    • Mon 10/10 - Tue 10/11
    • Live Online
    • Regular Price: $895
  • For sending three or more attendees to a training event.
  • To send people to multiple events, for private events for your organization, or to find out more please click here to contact us then:
    • Choose the "Call Me" contact reason.
    • In the message field provide good times to reach you, how many people you want to send and other similar information.
  • Our group discount process makes it easy for you:
    • One person can enter all attendees
    • Or, each attendee can enter their own information using a link
  • Grow-Lean has some of the most experienced, longest tenured agile trainers in the world, so you get consistently good training results.
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